About Us

Our Approach

We are committed to quality entertainment that strengthens the traditional values you want for your family. We are working to unite concerned people everywhere into an effective voice that will make the world a better place.

Our Story

Feature Films for Families began in 1989 when Forrest Baker III decided to produce a film for his wife Sharon, who was passionate about movies. When the director wanted to add profanity to make the film more lucrative, Forrest felt that it was wrong and that there was no need for that added content. He decided to form his own film production company and began producing family-friendly films with powerful values minus the profanity and graphic violence that is so prevalent in Hollywood today.

We Believe

… that the nudity, graphic violence, and profanity contained in movies have a negative impact on our society, our families and especially our children.

… that there is an alternative to Hollywood’s constant diet of profanity, disrespect, sex, and violence.

… that individuals and families are strengthened and resensitized by viewing believable characters handling real-life problems with principles
such as honesty, courage, and integrity.

… that positive, character-building images and real heroes in films can reinforce the values and principles you are teaching to your family.

… that we are a better choice, a solution providing positive entertainment your children and family can watch without worry.

… that if every person who is concerned about the harmful impact of the media will act to provide their own family with positive entertainment, we can make the world a better place.

… that each time you support us we are able to create more quality entertainment that strengthens traditional values.

… that you DO make a difference.


If You Believe As We Do…

Act now. Support our cause with the purchase of one or more films. Share this website with family and friends who feel as you do. Your action makes it possible for us to create more entertaining, values-oriented films!



Feature Films For Families is a privately held entertainment production and distribution company and is not affiliated with nor owned
in any part by any religious organization. Because we are subject to federal law concerning discrimination, our policy is to not ask or
disclose the race or religion of our employees or supporters.

If you are not satisfied with a movie after the first viewing, you may exchange it within 30 days for any other film we offer. Return your
film with full payment — unless you prepaid — to our P.O.Box, name the movie you want in exchange, and we will send it to you.

Feature Films For Families
PO Box 30022
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Our DVD’s are fully guaranteed. If your DVD is defective in any way, email custserv@familytv.com within 60 days, and we will send you a replacement at no additional charge.

Movie Rentals/Loans

In purchasing our films you agree not to rent or resell them. If you want to donate our films to a school or church library for loaning out, please inform that library to contact Feature Films For Families at the number listed below for a licensing agreement. An authorized, written license is required to loan or to rent out our films. Why? Most of our contracts with producers limit us to selling films directly to the home.

We continually look for better ways to serve you. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us at custserv@familytv.com.